Red Team Specialist in Consulting Role

Rishi Narang
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You’ve spent years honing your skills in the trenches of in-house security, helped identify and fix numerous blind spots, and vulnerabilities. Now you’re ready for a new challenge by joining a consulting firm as a coveted red teamer. This is an exciting opportunity to apply your expertise in a new context and help hundreds of organizations strengthen their security posture. To ensure you ace the interview process, I’ve compiled some key pointers to help you prepare for your interview in consulting domain.

What should you look for in a Pen-test, anyway?

Rishi Narang
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Vulnerabilities are increasing by leaps and bounds and any industry – technical or non-technical has to grow its security in sync or else, it is highly vulnerable and lucrative target. There is news of data loss, breaches every now and then. A rough estimate of the growth of vulnerabilities (as reported) over last decade (1995-2008) is shown in Figure 1. This accounts to vulnerabilities as reported, wherein there are hundreds of active (non-reported or un-patched) vulnerabilities floating underground which are in the hands of money driven and black hat profit driven attackers.