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Ten things you may reveal during job interview (Response to Forbes Article)

In continuation to my recent articles on preparation for the interview, and few pointers to make perform better during the interview, I stumbled on an article at Forbes - Ten Things Never, Ever to reveal in a job interview by Liz Ryan. I agree with some of the pointers she voiced, but few might hurt the employee/employer relationship in the long run or may even be considered borderline unethical. This blog-post is an attempt to share my humble opinion while having experience as an entrepreneur & employee. Please read it with a pinch of salt, and do share your...
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Interview Tips: You're in the interview room. Now what?

In my last blog post on Interview Tips: Prepare well before you take off, I reckon the facts you need to be sure off, before you reach the door of your next firm, or pick the call that will decide your next lap. Now, this blog post will focus on things to do during the interview, things that can make or break your attempt. It is imperative to prepare well for what do you want, what does the company do, and where you see yourself in few years. If this sounds new to you; please take a look at my...
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Interview Tips: Prepare well before you take off!

I have been working in Information Security domain long enough to understand what is it about, and where most the candidates I interview fumble. So, if you have a technical skill-set, out-of-box thinking and the passion to work, you have an excellent chance to be hired. This article will help you to avoid common mistakes and make you present yourself better & sharper. Now, this blog post shall be covered in 3 parts - five common "preparation headsup" for the interview, five common points where you might stumble during your job meeting, and finally, some interview myths to...
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