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Are you using SIEM as a service?

SIEM as a service; in the cloud - Is it possible? Is it a fad? Or, is it yet to evolve? While we are catching up on cloud transformations, and moving generously in someone's data center, someone's VM or container; SIEM as well joined the cloud market. And, out emerged the companies who offer such SIEM as a Service model[1]. These companies promise to provide SIEM in the cloud, and you gather your...
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Buckle up fellas! Are you ready for next Cyberattack?

Recently I came across the news of hospital network hacked, 4.5 million records stolen and was shocked. Sometimes I wonder is the offensive toolkit and mindset evolving stronger or is the defensive side withering away. Of all the developers I have interacted with, very few understand the need for security. They always undermine their application and its scalability. If your application or environment is handling ‘any’ records more than 10,000 in numbers...
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