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Custom URL Shortner in NodeJS

Recently I wrote an article on Ghost blog integration with a URL shortener (the dirty way). This is in sequence to it but with custom URL shortener running on my own machine. While most of this code is shared from codebyte article, I have enhanced it to serve three purposes, Authenticate using API Key Validate URL(s) or ID(s) for duplicate Response support in JSON or TXT format At present the setup is...
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Image Alignment within Ghost Blog CMS

Its around 2:00 AM, and before I call it a day (a long day), I thought to post a quick blog on custom image alignment in Ghost Blog Platform. Without further ado, as of Sep, 2016 Ghost doesn't support custom image alignments and ruling. It means all images in the blog are aligned default (none) and text breaks around it. Default Alignment It means the images are aligned with the page, and the...
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Custom URL Shortening in Ghost Blog CMS

It's been 2 years and Ghost Blogging Platform is doing well and the downloads are going up. Kudos to the team. While the platform is doing good, we[1] are miles from reaching the point where we have apps, plugins and smooth migrations/ customisation etc. And in this blog I would mention one such thing which I personally like - URL Shortener(s); specially when we share the links over social media. I have...
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