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Lessons from LinkedIn DB Breach

We are aware that social networking site LinkedIn was breached in June, 2012 and nearly 6 million user credentials were stolen. In May 2016 it's confirmed that nearly 115+ million credentials were stolen, and are now available for sale. So, it's time we revisit what went wrong, and what can we learn from it. First and foremost, there were vulnerabilities (or at-least one) in the web-application and the way it queries the DB was...
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Buckle up fellas! Are you ready for next Cyberattack?

Recently I came across the news of hospital network hacked, 4.5 million records stolen and was shocked. Sometimes I wonder is the offensive toolkit and mindset evolving stronger or is the defensive side withering away. Of all the developers I have interacted with, very few understand the need for security. They always undermine their application and its scalability. If your application or environment is handling ‘any’ records more than 10,000 in numbers...
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