How to filter and query SSL/TLS certs for intelligence


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Recently I noticed a new service/ project that is turning few heads among my peers in security community - CertDB. A one of its kind which indexes the domains SSL certs with their details, IP records, geo-location and timelines, common-name etc. They term themselves as Internet-wide search engine for digital certificates. They have a unique business statement when you get to understand the different components (search vectors) they are incorporating in this project. I know there are few transparent cert registries like Certificate Search but as per their website,

Examining the data hidden in digital certificates provides a lot of insight about business activity in a particular geography or even collaboration between 2 different companies.

I know and agree with them on these insights that they do come handy while performing reconnaissance during a security assessment (OR) validating the SSL/ TLS certificates for your client. It does reflect on the fact that maybe the certificate is about to expire, or new domains have been registered in the same certificate (example, Subject Alternate Name: DNS Name). But when I browsed through their project website, I was surprised the way they articulated their USP (unique selling point),

For example, the registration of a new unknown domain in Palo Alto hints at a new start-up; switching from the "Wildcard" certificate to "Let's Encrypt" tells us about the organization's budget constraints; issuing a certificate in an organization with domains of another organization speaks about collaboration between companies, or even at an acquisition of one company by another.

Now, I am intrigued to do a detailed article on their services, business model, filters and even an interview with their project team.

Question: Are you curious/interested, and what would you like to ask them? Do leave a comment.

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