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It was her first night, and she could feel the eyes watching.


I am a social animal, and would prefer to participate in any opportunity I get to interact, learn and share experiences. Whether that be a cafe, or a bar; underground or over the top! Now, recently I got to know about a meetup group 'Writers cafe' in Hong Kong, and voila! I joined them. Yesterday I attended their session for the first time, and I would like to share my work via this blog-post. To understand what we did there, here is a snippet from their page,

We select a one sentence prompt at random and write based on that prompt for one hour. At the end of the hour we share our work by reading aloud to the group.

There I was pulling my 'lucky' prompt from the hat; my piece of paper with a string of words, catalysing a plethora of thoughts & ideas. It was time to write and the clock was ticking...



Oh my God! Ravi, roll the glass up! she shouted, rubbing her eyes and wondering where she is. Looks like there's a heavy storm coming. She normally likes the rain, sitting at her patio with a cup of coffee. But, definitely not driving on a highway while the water drops knock at the doors, and winds gasp to find a way in. She turned and with her short arms started patting the back seat. Where is the cleaning cloth I told you to keep handy? she asked. I am not even sure how are you driving when the whole windshield is foggy, and I can barely see through.

Oh, come-on Narita, chill... said Ravi with a smile & charming look. The same look she fell for three years back & still keeps her smiling; often remembering those moments she feels comforted, relaxed and cozy even on a stormy highway! Don't worry, I will turn the defog heater at full speed, and you won't be blindsight anymore, honey! he chuckled in a heavy Indian accent. Anyone who has spent few hours with them can realise they are so different and yet in love. He finds the passion in her rage, while she finds the calmness in his carelessness, though, they would never accept it to each other. Perhaps the respect and admiration has kept them together all these years of change, moving and adventures. Or may be it's her name that Ravi tattooed on his arm, that doesn't let him wander off. I mean, where in this world would he find another Narita, the name only fair for a Japanese airport!

Ravi, be careful! You are driving way too fast. It's raining heavily and your technology is not doing any miracles. Narita taunted. I know you like adventures, but right now can we go slow and safe without any risks or atleast keep them bare minimum? she inquired (it appeared more like a point she wanted to make). You know I don't like taking risks and hey, don't you dare pull the investment banker card now on me now. That's profession, and this is life! I guess she knew him pretty well enough to predict his next move, or what he thinks is the trump card to convine her in going on such adventurous trips.

Okay, okay... don't be angry honey; fine we will go slow. Anyways, I am tired of this jazz music; I mean how can someone speed on a saxophone? I wish I could have kept my USB with trance music! he sighed, and resorted to silence. Now, she felt relaxed but also hungry; she picked her phone, opened the maps and started checking locations around. Hey, I know where we are Ravi! It's the same road we took last time when we visited the waterfalls with your friends. she spoke in excitement. I know there is an old building nearby where we did a stopover when your friend wanted to take a leak she mentioned. We can definitely stop there, and take a break. I will get some food from the bags, and hopefully we will find some water there. she spoke with affirmation.

Oh wait, go slow; it should be nearby. she looked at a hoarding, and felt she have been here before! Drive slow now, and keep the car to the right. I remember there's an exit 23, and a turn in 300m to the left of the road leading to the building. Ravi coudn't argue for she has always been good with numbers, a must-have for investment bankers, I guess. Yeah this exit, take it! We shall stop there for sometime, have some sandwiches, stretch out and then when the storm subsides, we will continue... she assured with a wink that her plan is the best! Ravi turned as directed, parked the car in front of an old house. The house which was in much better shape the last time they visited; now has been abondoned, and left to crumble in it's final days. Narita would not have risked to come here but her strange urge to do a stopover, a comfort of knowing the place, belly churning empty husks and feeling of being in control made her take this detour; atleast this is what she thought.

I slide off the back seat, alongside the dirty cleaning cloth. They never knew I was also travelling with them ever since they stopped at the last milestone to change the tyre. I don't want trouble, but what can I do? I want my daughter to be alive again. I want her to have a life, a body and she is too young to be in our world of lost souls! I still can't believe she is in our world (sobbing); I am still grieving of her death in the accident, yesterday. She was born blind but always chirping with fun and life. Now, as a father I can't see her in miseries for the infinite times. I want her to have a body; I want her to have eyes and see the world. She will have all of that once I convince Narita to go inside the house. I want my baby to return to a better life; she must return to the mortal world!

Narita stepped out of the car & stood next to me, unaware of the existence of our world. I can see my baby sitting at the door, with her head down and sulking. Narita stretches her body; hold and behold, she looks at our house with uneasy face as if a cold puff of air just touched her soul. She could feel someone around her as she looked at the door but recoiled in the cozyness of Ravi's arms. I know Narita has been here before, but to my baby, it's her first night here; and she could feel the eyes watching. She lifted her head, and cried out loud - Papa, I am in pain. Take me home, take me away from here. I don't wanna be here.